Create your collection

You can create your own NFT collection using & then publish it to

Note: collections created outside of can be published to by registering on See Publishing a collection for more details.

Creating an NFT collection

To create a new NFT collection you can use

  1. Navigate to

  2. Tap on My Collections

  1. Enter your collection details, confirm the details & sign the transaction to create the contract.

  1. Once the contract is created you can start minting NFTs on it.

    Note: it may take 2-3 minutes until the contract is ready for minting.

Customize your collection

  1. If you've just created the collection you can tap on the Customize collection button:

  1. Next tap on Edit cover

  1. Now you can customize how your collection will appear on

The recommended image sizes for your collection profile are: - Collection logo: 500x500 - Featured image: 600 x 340 - Banner image: 1320x360

Publishing your new collection

  1. On navigate to the collection you wish to pubish on

  2. Tap on Publish on

    Note: it may take 2-3 minutes after you've created your collection before you can publish.

  1. Review and confirm the related transaction.

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