Selling your NFT

Listing your NFT

  1. Navigate to your NFT that you want to sell and click List for sale

  1. In the popup that appears, tap Approve & sign the transaction so that the market contract is given it the right to transfer the NFT (no transfer will take place unless the item is sold).

  1. Once the approval transaction finishes enter the listing price to confirm the listing & sign the transaction.

  1. If the listing is successful you will see a confirmation screen

Accepting an offer

  1. Navigate to your NFT that you want to accept an existing offer on.

  2. Scroll to the Offers section and tap Accept Offer on the offer you want to accept.

  1. If the marketplace does not yet have approval to transfer the NFT then you may need to approve it (this step will be skipped if you've already approved).

  1. Once approved, tap accept offer & sign the transaction

  1. If the transaction is successful then you will see a confirmation

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